Is there alternative syntax for grouping methods of same struct/enum?

current method system defines methods directly like a function:

fn map[X, Y](self: MyList[X], f: (X) -> Y) -> List[Y] { ... }

and we may have many functions for a single struct or enum.

while it’s more convenient to add, it loses convenience of folding whole group like Rust,

impl A_STRUCT { // foldable from this line in editors
  fn method_1() {}
  fn method_2() {}

this folding feature is useful when we have multiple structs in a same file.

is there alternative syntax in Moonbit that make folding this group possible? Or any other suggestion for such cases?

This is intentional to keep the structure of program flattened. You can use plugins provided by editors like region folding to fold the code segments

any previous conversation I can read?