The MoonBit Update——0408

MoonBit Update

  • Support array.iter intrinsic and annotate functions in the standard library, enabling inline loops in specific cases to improve runtime efficiency.
/// @intrinsic %array.iter
pub fn iter[T](self : Array[T], f : (T) -> Unit) -> Unit {
  for i = 0; i < self.length(); i = i + 1 {

Toolchain Update

  • Support the experimental code coverage tool:

    • The tool has experimentally supported MoonBit Core CI

    • We are optimizing the user-facing interface

  • By default, warnings for the deprecated category are enabled in Alerts pragmas, while warnings for the unsafe/throw/raise categories are disabled.

  • Fixed issues related to moonfmt

    • Fixed an issue where comments were misaligned after printing literals with negative signs.

    • Fixed an issue where parentheses disappeared after printing literals with negative signs.

  • moonrun now supports printing UTF-16 strings

Build System Update

  • expect test now supports Unicode characters.